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Cody Dev

Cody Dev

Cody Dev

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04 May, 2024

What is Cody Dev ?

Cody is a free, open-source AI coding assistant that can write and fix code, provide AI-generated autocomplete, and answer your coding questions. Cody fetches relevant code context from across your entire codebase to write better code that uses more of your codebase’s APIs, impls, and idioms, with less hallucination.

Cody is currently in Beta and available for VS Code and JetBrains.

What can Cody do?

  • Chat: Ask Cody questions about your entire codebase. Cody will use semantic search to retrieve files from your codebase and use context from those files to answer your questions.

  • Autocomplete: Cody makes single-line and multi-line suggestions as you type, speeding up your coding and shortcutting the need for you to hunt down function and variable names as you type.

  • Inline Chat: Ask Cody to fix or refactor code from anywhere in a file.

  • Commands: Cody has quick commands for common actions. Simply highlight a code snippet and run a command, like “Document code, ” “Explain code, ” or “Generate Unit Tests.”

  • Swappable LLMs: Support for Anthropic Claude, Claude 2, and OpenAI GPT-4/3.5, with more coming soon.

  • Free LLM usage included (currently Anthropic Claude 2/OpenAI GPT-4) for individual devs on both personal and work code, subject to reasonable per-user rate limits (more info).




Inline chat


Codebase-wide chat: