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03 May, 2024

What is SuperAgent ?

Superagent is an open-source agent framework that enables any developer to integrate production-ready AI Assistants into any application in a matter of minutes.

Superagent Features:

  • Memory

  • Streaming

  • Custom finetuning 🆕

  • Python/Typescript SDKs


  • API connectivity

  • Vectorization

  • Support for proprietary and OSS LLMs

  • API concurrency support

Superagent Demo

Superagent Use cases

Superagent lets you build any AI application/microservice you want, including:

  • Question/Answering over Documents (LLM Finetunes/Vectorstores).

  • Chatbots.

  • Co-pilots & AI assistants.

  • Content generation.

  • Data aggregation.

  • Workflow automation.

📋 Documentation:

For full documentation, examples and setup guidelines, visit docs.superagent.sh

🧐 Tutorials

We post tutorials regularly on our YouTube channel. Make sure to check them out !

🔗 SDKs

If you are planning to integrate Superagent into your stack, you can use one of the following SDKs: