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Stability Matrix

Stability Matrix

Stability Matrix

2.8k 179
04 May, 2024

What is Stability Matrix ?

Stability Matrix is a Multi-Platform Package Manager and Inference UI for Stable Diffusion.

Stability Matrix Features

🖱️ One click install and update for Stable Diffusion Web UI Packages

🚀 Launcher with syntax highlighted terminal emulator, routed GUI input prompts

  • Launch arguments editor with predefined or custom options for each Package install

  • Configurable Environment Variables

🗃️ Checkpoint Manager, configured to be shared by all Package installs

  • Option to find CivitAI metadata and preview thumbnails for new local imports

☁️ Model Browser to import from CivitAI

  • Automatically imports to the associated model folder depending on the model type

  • Downloads relevant metadata files and preview image


macOS builds are currently pending: #45

Inference - A reimagined built-in Stable Diffusion experience

  • Powerful auto-completion and syntax highlighting using a formal language grammar

  • Workspaces open in tabs that save and load from .smproj project files

  • Customizable dockable and float panels

  • Generated images contain Inference Project, ComfyUI Nodes, and A1111-compatible metadata

  • Drag and drop gallery images or files to load states

Searchable launch options

Model browser powered by Civit AI

  • Downloads new models, automatically uses the appropriate shared model directory

  • Pause and resume downloads, even after closing the app

Shared model directory for all your packages

  • Import local models by simple drag and drop

  • Option to automatically find CivitAI metadata and preview thumbnails for new local imports

  • Find connected metadata for existing models