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Stability AI

Stability AI

Stability AI

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04 May, 2024

What is Stability AI ?

Stability AI is a world’s leading open source generative AI company. Delivering breakthrough, open-access AI models with minimal resource requirements in imaging, language, code and audio.

Stability AI Models

Stable Diffusion 3

Stable Diffusion 3, the most advanced Stability AI image model yet, features the latest in text-to-image technology with greatly improved performance in multi-subject prompts, image quality, and spelling abilities.

The model is available via API today and Stability AI is continuously working to improve the model in advance of its open release. To learn more about deployment options please contact us.

SDXL Turbo

Discover the groundbreaking SDXL Turbo, the latest advancement from our research team. Built on the robust foundation of Stable Diffusion XL, this ultra-fast model transforms the way you interact with technology.

Stable Diffusion XL

Get involved with the fastest growing open software project. Download and join other developers in creating incredible applications with Stable Diffusion XL as a foundation model.

Stable Video Diffusion

Stable Video Diffusion is designed to serve a wide range of video applications in fields such as media, entertainment, education, marketing. It empowers individuals to transform text and image inputs into vivid scenes and elevates concepts into live action, cinematic creations.

Stable Audio 2.0

Stable Audio 2.0 builds upon Stable Audio 1.0, redefining AI music creation by offering high-quality tracks up to three minutes long with its innovative audio-to-audio generation. Users can now upload audio samples and, using natural language prompts, transform these samples into a wide array of sounds.

Stable Video 3D

Leveraging the power of Stable Video Diffusion, SV3D sets a new benchmark in 3D technology by ensuring superior quality and consistency in novel view synthesis.

This model comes in two distinct variants: SV3D_u, producing orbital videos from a single image, and SV3D_p, which offers enhanced capabilities for creating full 3D videos from both single and orbital image

Stable LM

Boost your coding prowess with the efficiency of Stable Code, and venture beyond the horizon with our expansive selection of multilingual models, including the cutting-edge Stable LM Zephyr 3B.