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04 May, 2024

What is RunDiffusion ?

RunDiffusion provides fully managed access to open source AI tools like Automatic1111 and Stable Diffusion XL in the cloud. It allows users to easily leverage the power of AI to create images, videos, and more without needing to install anything locally.

RunDiffusion Features

Integrated File Browser

Your files stay with you every time you boot up a session.

Your images are always available Images travel with you from session to session

Download entire directories It’s easy to save all your images to your computer.

See what’s generating Generating a batch? Hit reload to view images as they are being generated from batches.

Smart Timer

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your server on all night. With Smart Timer, set a session duration and know the cost.

Set it and forget it Set your session time before you start. Don’t worry, you can always extend.

Protect from expensive overcharges Know the cost right up front. If you do leave the session running, your funds are safe.

Returned unused time If you end your session early, your balance will be credited for the unused time. It’s only fair!

50+ Pre-Loaded Models

Top 20 models from Civitai.com ready to load.

Industry leading boot time

Most sessions are ready to go around 90 seconds.