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04 May, 2024

What is Perplexity AI ?

Perplexity is an alternative to traditional search engines, where you can directly pose your questions and receive concise, accurate answers backed up by a curated set of sources. It has a conversational interface, contextual awareness and personalization to learn your interests and preferences over time.

Perplexity’s mission is to make searching for information online feel like you have a knowledgeable assistant guiding you, it is a powerful productivity and knowledge tool that can help you save time and energy with mundane tasks for a multitude of use cases.

With the help of the advanced answer engine, it processes your questions and tasks It then uses predictive text capabilities to generate useful responses, choosing the best one from multiple sources, and summarizes the results in a concise way.

Perplixity API (pplx)

  • Ease of use: developers can use state-of-the-art open-source models off-the-shelf and get started within minutes with a familiar REST API.

  • Blazing fast inference: the thoughtfully designed inference system is efficient and achieves up to 2.9x lower latency than Replicate and 3.1x lower latency than Anyscale.

  • Battle tested infrastructure: pplx-api is proven to be reliable, serving production-level traffic in both the Perplexity answer engine and the Labs playground.

  • One-stop shop for open-source LLMs: the team is dedicated to adding new open-source models as they arrive. For example, we added Llama and Mistral models within a few hours of launch without pre-release access.

Perplixity API Models

Mistral 7B
Llama2 13B
Code Llama 34B
Llama2 70B
replit-code-v1.5-3b model