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04 May, 2024

What is Noi ?

Noi is an AI-enhanced, customizable browser designed to streamline your digital experience.

Noi Feature

  • Browser: Noi not only includes curated AI websites but also allows the addition of any URL, providing a tailored browsing experience (Noi Configs).
  • Prompts Management: Offers robust customization options including the addition, synchronization, batch tagging, and removal of prompts.
  • Noi Ask: Enables sending batch messages to multiple AI chats, streamlining the process of interacting with various AI services simultaneously (Noi Extensions). Entries made via Noi Ask are stored locally, ensuring easy access for future review or bookmarking.
  • Themes: Light/Dark/System/Monochromatic/Frosted Texture
  • Noi Cache Mode: Noi reimagines interaction without the traditional concept of browser tabs. In this mode, links accessed via the sidebar are cached for quick swapping (accessible via Menu -> Settings -> Noi Cache Mode).
  • Cookie Data Isolation: Supports the use of multiple accounts on the same website, catering to diverse user requirements.
  • Discover More: There are numerous details waiting for your discovery‚Ķ