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03 May, 2024

What is MetaGPT ?

MetaGPT is a Multi-Agent Framework

Assign different roles to GPTs to form a collaborative software entity for complex tasks.

  1. MetaGPT takes a one line requirement as input and outputs user stories / competitive analysis / requirements / data structures / APIs / documents, etc.

  2. Internally, MetaGPT includes product managers / architects / project managers / engineers. It provides the entire process of a software company along with carefully orchestrated SOPs.

    1. Code = SOP(Team) is the core philosophy. We materialize SOP and apply it to teams composed of LLMs.

A software company consists of LLM-based roles

Software Company Multi-Role Schematic (Gradually Implementing)

Install MetaGPT

Pip installation

Terminal window
# Step 1: Ensure that Python 3.9+ is installed on your system. You can check this by using:
# You can use conda to initialize a new python env
# conda create -n metagpt python=3.9
# conda activate metagpt
python3 --version
# Step 2: Clone the repository to your local machine for latest version, and install it.
git clone https://github.com/geekan/MetaGPT.git
cd MetaGPT
pip3 install -e . # or pip3 install metagpt # for stable version
# Step 3: setup your OPENAI_API_KEY, or make sure it existed in the env
mkdir ~/.metagpt
cp config/config.yaml ~/.metagpt/config.yaml
vim ~/.metagpt/config.yaml
# Step 4: run metagpt cli
metagpt "Create a 2048 game in python"
# Step 5 [Optional]: If you want to save the artifacts like diagrams such as quadrant chart, system designs, sequence flow in the workspace, you can execute the step before Step 3. By default, the framework is compatible, and the entire process can be run completely without executing this step.
# If executing, ensure that NPM is installed on your system. Then install mermaid-js. (If you don't have npm in your computer, please go to the Node.js official website to install Node.js https://nodejs.org/ and then you will have npm tool in your computer.)
npm --version
sudo npm install -g @mermaid-js/mermaid-cli

detail installation please refer to cli_install

Docker installation

Note: In the Windows, you need to replace β€œ/opt/metagpt” with a directory that Docker has permission to create, such as β€œD:\Users\x\metagpt”

Terminal window
# Step 1: Download metagpt official image and prepare config.yaml
docker pull metagpt/metagpt:latest
mkdir -p /opt/metagpt/{config,workspace}
docker run --rm metagpt/metagpt:latest cat /app/metagpt/config/config.yaml > /opt/metagpt/config/key.yaml
vim /opt/metagpt/config/key.yaml # Change the config
# Step 2: Run metagpt demo with container
docker run --rm \
--privileged \
-v /opt/metagpt/config/key.yaml:/app/metagpt/config/key.yaml \
-v /opt/metagpt/workspace:/app/metagpt/workspace \
metagpt/metagpt:latest \
metagpt "Write a cli snake game"

detail installation please refer to docker_install

QuickStart & Demo Video