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Local AI

Local AI

Local AI

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04 May, 2024

What is Local AI ?

Local AI is a desktop app for local, private, secured AI experimentation. Included out-of-the box are:

  • A known-good model API and a model downloader, with descriptions such as recommended hardware specs, model license, blake3/sha256 hashes etc…

  • A simple note-taking app, with inference config PER note. The note and its config are output into plain text .mdx format

  • A model inference streaming server (/completion endpoint, similar to OpenAI)

It’s made to be used alongside https://github.com/alexanderatallah/window.ai/ as a simple way to have a local inference server up and running in no time. window.ai + local.ai enable every web app to utilize AI without incurring any cost from either the developer or the user!

Right now, local.ai uses the https://github.com/rustformers/llm rust crate at its core. Check them out, they are super cool!

Install Local AI

Go to the site at https://www.localai.app/ and click the button for your machine’s architecture. You can also find the build manually in the GitHub release page.

Windows and MacOS binaries are signed under Plasmo Corp. - a company owned by the author of this project (@louisgv).

You may also build from source!

📺 Demo


Here’s how to run the project locally:


  1. node >= 18

  2. rust >= 1.69

  3. pnpm >= 8


Terminal window
git submodule update --init --recursive
pnpm i
pnpm dev