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04 May, 2024

What is Dialoqbase ?

Dialoqbase is an open-source application designed to facilitate the creation of custom chatbots using a personalized knowledge base. The application leverages advanced language models to generate accurate and context-aware responses. Additionally, it utilizes PostgreSQL, a robust relational database management system, for efficient vector search operations and for storing the knowledge base.

Dialoqbase Features

  • Create custom chatbots with your own knowledge base

  • Utilize powerful language models to generate responses

  • Utilize PostgreSQL for vector search and storing the knowledge base.

  • Use any language models or embedding models you want

Dialoqbase Stack 📚

How it works ?

Quick Deployments 🚀

Railway with Supabase

!Deploy on Railway

for more details - watch demo

Install Dialoqbase

  1. Clone the repository and navigate to the docker directory:
Terminal window
git clone https://github.com/n4ze3m/dialoqbase.git
cd dialoqbase/docker
  1. Edit the .env file and set the following environment variables:
  • On Linux:
Terminal window
nano .env
  • On Windows:
Terminal window
notepad .env

Set the OPENAI_API_KEY variable to your OpenAI API key. You can obtain an API key here.

Set the DB_SECRET_KEY varible.

  1. Run the docker-compose file:
Terminal window
docker-compose up -d


Terminal window
docker compose up -d
  1. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:3000.

  2. Log in using the default credentials:

Terminal window
username: admin
password: admin

Important: After the first login, remember to change the default credentials.

Dialoqbase Roadmap 🗺️

Data loaders

  • Website (one page only)

  • Plane text

  • PDF (beta)

  • Web crawler (beta)

  • Microsoft Word documents (beta)

  • Github repository

  • mp3

  • mp4

  • Sitemap

  • Youtube

  • Notion

and more…

Language models

  • OpenAI

  • Anthropic

  • Google chat-bison-001

  • fireworks.ai’s llama 2 models

  • fireworks.ai’s mistral

  • Local AI models

  • Ollama

Embedding models

  • OpenAI

  • TensorFlow (removed)

  • Hugging Face

  • Cohere

  • all-MiniLM-L6-v2 using xenova/transformers.js

  • Google text-gecko-001

need more ? create an issue…


  • Create chatbots

  • Create knowledge base

  • Generate responses

  • Vector search

  • Bot embed script for websites

  • Prompt Editor

  • Chatbot API

  • Chatbot theme editor

  • Streaming responses


  • Web embed script

  • Telegram (beta)

  • Discord (beta)

  • Slack

  • Whatsapp (experimental)