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04 May, 2024

What is CivitAI ?

CivitAI is a comprehensive platform that empowers developers, creatives, and AI enthusiasts to explore, develop, and share AI models. The multifaceted approach combines learning resources, community-driven activities, and a user-friendly environment to advance the field of AI.

CivitAI Features

  • AI Image Generation: Generate images using text prompts with DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and other models.
  • 3D Model Generation: Create 3D models using AI and text prompts.
  • Video Generation: Generate videos from text prompts.
  • On-Site Generation: Use Civitai‚Äôs built-in AI generation without downloading software.
  • Loras: Train and share custom AI models that you create.
  • Social Features: Follow other users, like and comment on posts, and engage with the community.
  • Marketplaces: Buy, sell, and license AI assets on our integrated marketplaces.