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03 May, 2024

What is BondAI ?

BondAI is an open-source framework tailored for integrating and customizing Conversational AI Agents. Built on *OpenAI’s function calling support, BondAI handles the implementation complexities involved in creating Autonomous AI Agents, including memory management, error handling, integrated vector/semantic search, a powerful set of out of the box tools, as well as the ability to easily create new, custom tools. Additionally, BondAI includes a CLI interface, enabling anyone with an OpenAI API Key to run a powerful command line agent with a pre-configured set of tools.

Getting Started

There are 3 ways to use BondAI:

  1. 🛠️ Command Line Interface (CLI) - This is the easiest way to get up and running fast. Run BondAI on your command line with a pre-configured set of tools.

  2. 🐋 Docker - Running BondAI in a Docker container is recommended if you plan on using tools that run code or directly access your shell.

  3. 🏗️ Start Coding with BondAI - Integrate BondAI into your own codebase and start building your own agents.

🚀 Installation

Installing BondAI is easy:

Terminal window
pip install bondai

🛠️ Command Line Interface (CLI)

Once you’ve installed BondAI using pip install bondai the CLI will be available as an executable accessible simply by running bondai in your shell. Learn more about all of the tools and options available through the CLI.

Before running bondai you will need to set the OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable.

Terminal window

Once the environment variable has been set you can run bondai to start the CLI.

Terminal window
% bondai
Loading BondAI...
Skipping Gmail tools because gmail-token.pickle file is not present.
Hello! How can I assist you today?

🐋 Docker

BondAI Docker images are available on DockerHub here. If you intend to use tools that run arbitrary code (PythonREPLTool) or access your shell (ShellTool) it is highly recommended that you run BondAI in a Docker container as these tools can damage your machine.

Before running the BondAI Docker container it is recommended that you create a directory named ‘agent-volume’ and mount it as a volume on the container. This will be used as the Agent’s working directory and allows you to easily share files with the Agent.

Terminal window
mkdir agent-volume
docker pull krohling/bondai:latest
docker run -it --rm \
-v ./agent-volume:/agent-volume \
-w /agent-volume \
bondai:latest bondai

🔥 Start Coding with BondAI

BondAI has a straightforward API for creating powerful AI Agents. Check out our examples for ideas on how to get started. Remember to set your OPENAIAPIKEY environment variable before running your BondAI Agent.

Terminal window
from bondai import Agent
from bondai.tools.search import DuckDuckGoSearchTool
from bondai.tools.website import WebsiteQueryTool
from bondai.tools.file import FileWriteTool
task = """I want you to research the usage of Metformin as a drug to treat aging and aging related illness.
You should only use reputable information sources, ideally peer reviewed scientific studies.
I want you to summarize your findings in a document named metformin.md and includes links to reference and resources you used to find the information.
Additionally, the last section of your document you should provide a recommendation for a 43 year old male, in good health and who regularly exercises as to whether he would benefit from taking Metformin.
You should explain your recommendation and justify it with sources.
Finally, you should highlight potential risks and tradeoffs from taking the medication."""

BondAI Integrations

BondAI comes out of the box with a powerful set of integrations.

openai logoOpenAIBondAI supports any combination of OpenAI models and services including GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Dalle-E 3, and Embeddings.
azure logoMicrosoft AzureBondAI fully supports connectivity to GPT-N, Dalle-E and Embedding APIs through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI services.
google logoGoogle SearchAllows BondAI to search the internet. Requires a Google Search API Key and CSE ID
duckduckgo logoDuckDuckGoAllows BondAI to search the internet. No API keys required.
alpaca markets logoAlpaca MarketsAllows BondAI to buy and sell stocks and crypto. Requires an Alpaca Markets account.
postgres logoPostgreSQLBondAI can automatically extract the schema from a Postgres DB and process natural language queries.
bland.ai logoBland AIAllows BondAI to make phone calls and process/retrieve call transcripts. Requires a Bland.ai account.
gmail logoGmailAllows BondAI to search and read emails.
langchain logoLangChainUse BondAI’s LangChainTool class to import any tool from LangChain into BondAI.