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04 May, 2024

What is Bloop ?

bloop is ChatGPT for your code. Ask questions in natural language, search for code and generate patches using your existing codebase as context.

Engineers are increasing their productivity by using bloop to:

  • Explain how files or features work in simple language

  • Write new features, using their code as context

  • Understand how to use poorly documented open source libraries

  • Pinpoint errors

  • Ask questions about English language codebases in other languages

  • Reduce code duplication by checking for existing functionality

Bloop Features

  • GPT-4 based conversational search

  • Code Studio, an LLM playground that uses your code as context

  • Blazing fast regex search

  • Sync your local and GitHub repositories (support for more code hosts coming soon!)

  • Sophisticated query filters so you can narrow down your results

  • Find functions, variables or traits with symbol search

  • Precise code navigation (go-to-reference and go-to-definition) for 10+ of the most popular languages built with Tree-sitter

  • Privacy focussed on-device embedding for semantic search

bloop stands on the shoulders of the Rust ecosystem. Our search indexes are powered by Tantivy and Qdrant, and our multi-platform app is built with Tauri.


Get Started with Bloop

The simplest way to get started with bloop is to download the app and follow the onboarding steps. Checkout our getting started guide and our references for conversational and regex search and Code Studio.

For instructions on how to build from source or run bloop from the command line, check out these pages:

Note that it is currently not possible to use conversational GPT-4 search where bloop has been built from source (we’re working on this). You can run regex searches and use code-navigation.

If you encounter any index issues you can wipe the bloop cache and reindex. Instructions on how to do this on different platforms are here.