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03 May, 2024

What is AgentLabs ?

AgentLabs is an Open-source universal frontend for your AI Agents that you can control with a realtime bidirectional streaming SDK from your backend. AgentLabs allows you to ship your AI Agents to public users in a snap by providing an Authentication Portal, a neat Chat Frontend interface as well as the Analytics and Payment features you need. Focus on your AI Agent backend, we handle the rest for you. AgentLabs is fully open-sourced (Apache 2.0) and AgentLabs Inc. offers cloud hosting and dedicated enterprise grade support.

How AgentLabs works ?


Getting Started with AgentLabs

🌟 Try the Alpha Cloud Version to get started quickly. 🌟 Check the Documentation to learn more about our SDK and find out how to get started with AgentLabs. Note: more documentation about self-hosting will be added soon, although we recommend using the cloud version for now.

Dead simple SDKs

  • Manage your projects
  • Configure basic auth methods for users
  • Manage agents
  • Manage your users
Agent UI✅
  • Authentication / Registration
  • Basic multi-agent support
  • Chat-based UI
  • Realtime request/response streaming
  • Python Streaming backend SDK
  • Typescript Streaming backend SDK
Cloud hosting✅️Basic support for cloud hosted version
Self hosting✅️Self hosted version with docker-compose .
Basic docs with examples✅️Everything will be documented so you can get started either with the cloud version or the self hosted version.


Make it embeddable✅️️
  • Embed in any website as an iFrame
  • Embed as a Chat Bot
Move login into the chat✅️
  • Add support for anonymous mode
  • Integrate the login inside the chat for a better UX experience with embedded mode.
Add Rich components✅️️
  • Ability to send some interactif component into the chat (like text inputs, charts, or more).
Improve SDK🏗️
  • List the conversations
  • Get user’s information and more…